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We’re all about gorgeous sunsets, fine wine, and beautiful design.
Relax, and enjoy your stay!
Modern Design Nirvana
We’re about gorgeous sunsets, fine wine, and beautiful design.
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Learn about the Noguchi Coffee Table and the designer, Isamu Noguchi.

Welcome to Modern Design Nirvana!

What do the Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii, Cuba, and a living room have in common? They are some of the places where modern furniture aesthetics and interior design is enjoyed by our users worldwide. If you have ever dreamed of a beautiful home on warm sandy beaches with an oceanfront view, then pull up a chair and relax. We recommend a fine drink and some relaxing music to set the mood, and encourage you to chase your dreams to discover your Design Nirvana.

With heavy influences from today’s contemporary design genres, we focus on more than just the coastal design implied by our brand. On this website you will find thousands of highly organized design inspiration photos and furniture products manually screened by our designers to simply provide you with the best organized resource in the industry. Oh, and did we mention that it’s all free?

Features and Updates

Search Update
June 13, 2016
  • Full search functionality added.
  • Choose to search from Design Inspiration or Furniture photos
Explore Hashtags Update
May 28, 2016
  • You can now explore all of the products and inspiring designs that belong to a specific hashtag, for example Sofas.
  • On the Explore Hashtag page you can optionally choose to view only products or only design inspiration.
  • On the Explore Hashtag page you can find similar hashtags that share content with the one you are currently viewing.
  • Hashtag popularity is now tracked.
  • Recently trending hashtags (top 15) can be found on the main index page of the website.
Index Update
May 15, 2016
  • Search added to main page.
  • Trending hashtags prototyped.
  • Furniture genre carousel added.
  • Furniture design prototyped - landing pages coming soon.
  • Recently added furniture and design inspiration previewed on index.
Inspiration - Living Rooms
April 7, 2016
Over 1,000 Inspiring living rooms added to our database. Mostly focused on Modern genres with Shabby-Chic influences.

Beyond the Coastal Lifestyle

While our brand features coastal living, the furniture genres that we cover on this website are composed from a broader spectrum than just this one design niche. On Modern Design Nirvana you will find all modern genres of interior design covered within the past century, with a focus on newer contemporary spaces that interest consumers and design professionals in our industry. Older, traditional styles may have some presence on our website for educational purposes.

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